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Pinterest! The Best Free Traffic Generator

If you are looking to get traffic for your blog or website and you haven’t joined Pinterest you are missing out!  Maybe you haven’t joined because you think it’s all about crafty stuff?  Well it’s not Pinterest has just about everything you can image.   Here are the results for How to change your oil so you don’t have to worry if your blog isn’t about knitting baby booties.

I have several blogs and I can tell you that Pinterest gets me more traffic than Facebook and Twitter combined.

So here are just a few tips to help you start getting your site traffic from Pinterest…

Make the picture you pin interesting enough that people get curious to come on over and see the rest of the story

If it’s a craft project show the finished results so they will click through to see the steps, same with recipes.

How to and DIY are big!

Make whatever it is catchy… like if you have a fitness blog you could caption on a picture of a sexy skinny lady “How to flatten your tummy in 10 easy steps”

It helps if you have followers on Pinterest but it’s not totally necessary. Since it’s an open to everyone, one can search for something like baby shower gifts and it brings up all kinds of ideas from people you don’t even follow.  So you can see by that how you can get traffic without having to work for hours to get followers. So you will want to make sure you use good keywords to describe your pin. Think of anything you would search for to find the post you are pinning and go with it.

When you do sign up make sure you get buttons for your blog and a Pin It plugin… here is the one I like to use,

Happy Pinning!

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