Writing Articles for Links to You

Writing for article directories is a great way to get one way links back to your website and has the potential of getting you noticed in places on the internet that you might not have even thought about.

You see when you write an article and submit it to a directory, you will include a byline with a link to your website.   These articles are free for anyone to take from the directory and post on their website as long as your byline is included.   Many bloggers and website owners look for quality articles on these sites to fill their site with content.

I’ve been asked too many times to count ‘Why would I just give my work away for free?’  Honestly though you aren’t just giving it away you are building links and possibly future relationships with other websites and blogs.  It will be of benefit to you in the end.

The most important thing to remember is to write a quality article.  You’ll want to put your best out there.   Make sure you proofread your article.  Many of the article directories have editors and will reject your article if it’s something you just threw together.   Besides the better the article the more chance it will be used on other sites in turn bringing you more back links and potential visitors.

Here are a few places for you to get started with:

The other plus side to these sites is that you can get content for your website or blog there as well.  This is great not only to build content and pages for you but if you are having one of those days when that blinking cursor is just laughing telling you are you have no idea what to write about you can go grab a quick article knowing that you are helping someone else out with their internet quest as well.  🙂

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How to Add Google Friend Connect aka Follow to Your Word Press Blog

In our last post we talked about Follow vs. Feedburner.  Now we are going to discuss how to add Follow or Google Friend Connect to a Word Press blog.  This of course serves as just one more way to add reader retention to your blog. Once you finish this you can also get more Google Member tools to add more interaction to your blog it can be done the same way as this tutorial it’s just a different gadget.

*Before you start this process though I must warn you that this only works on Word Press blogs that you are hosting yourself.  This does not work on Word Press blogs that are hosted free at Word Press.

1. You’ll want to go to http://www.google.com/friendconnect/home/ This link opens in a new window so you can go back and forth. 😉 If you don’t already have some type of Google account you are going to need to get one.  So, on this page you either Sign Up or Sign In.

2.  After you get signed in you’ll want click Add new site.  On that page you will fill in the name of your site and the URL.

3.  If you did the last step properly you’ll be taken to a page that says Congratulations you added…. Click the Add the Members gadget box.

4. Here is where you will choose the size of your gadget and colors. Then click generate code.  Easy enough!

5. Now you’ll want to log in to the dashboard of your Word Press blog.  Go to appearance and then to widgets.  For this choose a Text widget and drag and drop it in to where you’d like your Follow box to be on the side bar.  Click the arrow to open up the ‘editor’ on the text tab.  Copy the code from the Google Friend Connect generator to this open box.  Click save at the bottom of that box when you are done.  Adding a title to the text box is optional.


6. Visit your site, you should see your new Follow box. 🙂

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