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Get a Group!

On your internet travels of building relationships and promoting your website or blog, I’m sure you have come across like minded people who have similar goals.  So, why not start a group or Fanpage on Facebook to help each other out, where people in the group post links and the others would twitter, Google buzz, etc., for that link.

When making your group:

  • Find people that are similar but not competition to invite.
  • Set clear and simple instructions on the rules and how the group works.
  • Have fun!

Here’s the instructions for How to Make a Facebook Fanpage.

Taking Link Exchanges Up a Level

We’ve talked about using link exchanges here before.  Now we are going to take it up a level!  Are you excited or what!? 🙂

Link exchanges are mutually beneficial in that both of you get a link out there for potential visitors to find you, as well as those search engines.  If you tend the relationships of those you have exchanged links with I would suggest contacting them about posting each others links via twitter and facebook maybe, once or maybe on a regular basis.

You can also start what I like to refer to as a link club.  This is when many bloggers get together on a similar topic.  All the bloggers get to exchange links without even having to personally contact each other.  Here is a great example of how this works.

I’m always happy to hear from you please feel free to post your questions or comments.

How to Make a Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook fan page is a great way to stay in touch with your blog followers or clients.  It’s another way were you can really keep your website in front of people.  You have to remember you are competing with over 50 million websites and people have so many things going on that unless you keep up your “appearances” you could be quickly forgotten.

So here is a step by step of how to make a Facebook fan page and how to get people to join it.

Go to If you are logged in log out.  On the homepage you’ll see under the sign up area Create a Page do NOT fill in the sign up area just click the create a page.


Once you click Create a Page you’ll be prompted to answer several questions and give the page a name.   If you are already a Facebook user at the end you will choose the option I already have an account and log in.   You will then be taken to your new fan page.  Be sure to click that button at the top of the page that says Become a Fan.

Now let’s fancy up your page a bit.

Add a picture by mousing over the picture area and clicking the pencil.

Add a short description of your website or blog, in the box provided below the picture area, remember to include your URL and don’t forget the http:// so that it will automatically be made into a clickable link for anyone visiting the page.

At this time you might want to complete filling out some information on your info page.  Do this by clicking on the info tab at the top of the wall.

It’s time to start to invite people to your new space!  Under the main picture for your fan page it will say suggest to friends.  Click that to begin to invite your friends.

Easy enough!

Posting to your fan page

You’ll want to post updates on your fan page as to what your business and/or blog is doing.  This will be seen by all of your fans on their home page wall.

Posting links is important too.  This will remind them not just about your fan page, it will remind them of your site. Posting links here will also help the search engines find your website.

Finally you’ll need to get people outside of your circle of Facebook friends.  Add a Facebook banner on your blog or website and link it to your new fan page.

*A question I’ve received in the past is how do I find my fan page?

Good question because after you close out it would seem it would be lost.  You can either bookmark your fan page or go to your main profile page go to the info tab and scroll all the way to the bottom where it shows your fan pages.

I hoped this helped you.  For some this is easy stuff and for others not so much so if you have questions leave a comment and I will try to answer asap.

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