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Using Current News for Keywords

If you have a blog depending on what it is about keep an eye on the latest news and use those headlines as keywords.

This works because search engines especially Google indexs blogs very quickly.

Let’s say you have a lifestyle blog and you see a great piece on the news about a new diet.  Writing a blog post with the name of the new diet in the post title and the body of the post with some of the key words will help you get indexed on the seach engine and while I can’t guarantee visitors to your blog I do know first hand that this works as I’ve been experimenting with it for several weeks and had an increase in the traffic to my site.

To know for sure it is working, you’ll need to check your stats.  If you don’t currently track you stats you can get a free account at it’s simple to use and gives you great information about where your visitors are coming from and what keywords they are using to find your blog.

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